Friday, November 19, 2010

Best Deal of 2010!!! Flights to Las Vegas from $0.00!!!

Here is the best deal of 2010! You read the title right, flights to Las Vegas from $0.00, yup free!!! Expedia has a promotion, where they will give you $300 off a Hotel and Air Fare package if you book it by midnight tomorrow. Packages from Honolulu to Las Vegas was averaging about $150 per person. If you book from certain west coast cities you can get it as low as $0.00. This is valid from any city in the world to Las Vegas. You will have to book this special via expedia's Canadian website (listed below) and use the discount code (also listed below). Take advantage of this super deal, as I know I will be! Here is a screenshot of deal a friend bought for $0.00 out of San Diego and staying 3 nights in Las Vegas using this discount code.

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All Cities to Las Vegas

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