Monday, June 18, 2012

Allegiant Air Flights To Hawaii From $120 Each Way!

Today Allegiant Air has announced another round of great air fare deals for flights to and from Hawaii. For example you can now get to Las Vegas from Honolulu for only $130! I dont even remember the last time I could get to Vegas for less than $200 each way. Keep in mind of the additional fees that you may incur when booking on Allegiant (booking fee, seat assignment, baggage, carry-on, etc.) Fares shown below are excluding tax. When searching on the Allegiant website fares will be shown with the tax included.

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Allegiant Air
Route: (Prices below exclude tax)
Honolulu - Bellingham: $120
Honolulu - Las Vegas $130
Honolulu - Fresno $130
Honolulu - Eugene: $150
Honolulu - Monterey $170
Honolulu - Santa Maria $170
Honolulu - Stockton $170
Kahului - Bellingham: $170

July 2012 - Januarary 2013

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