Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alaska Airlines Unadvertised Fall Specials From $129 Each Way!

Alaska Airlines is offering a great break from the high summer fares that we have seen . Flights to/from Hawaii start at only $129 each way plus tax. The great news is that there is allot of open availability for these fares and it is available on all islands. Fares are valid from today until October 31st. Since this is an unadvertised fare special there is no indication when you will need to book by. Take advantage before it is too late!

Book at:

Alaska Airlines

Route: (Fares shown below are before tax)
Bellingham to Honolulu $159

Sacramento to Kahului $129

San Diego to Kahului $129
San Diego to Honolulu $149

San Jose to Honolulu $130
San Jose to Kahului $130
San Jose to Kauai $135
San Jose to Kona $135

Seattle to Honolulu $169
Seattle to Kahului $169
Seattle to Lihue $184
Seattle to Kona $184

Oakland to Kauai $129
Oakland to Kona $129
Oakland to Honolulu $130
Oakland to Kahului $138

Portland to Honolulu $130
Portland to Kahului $179

Dates: Travel: September 13, 2012 - October 31, 2012

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